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DeMoulin Museum Receives Monetary Donation

IN THE PHOTO - Left to Right: Jill Franks, BCCF board member; Alan Gaffner, BCCF board chair; Esther Henry, museum board member; John Goldsmith, museum curator; Kami Suess, Greenville Tourism director and BCCF board member; and Liz Heinzmann, museum treasurer and BCCF board member.

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BCCF board members and Museum board members at check presentation ceremony January 31, 2017

(Tuesday, January 31, 2017) - The DeMoulin Museum has received a $500 donation from anonymous donors through the Bond County Community Foundation. The check was presented Tuesday afternoon during a brief ceremony at the museum. John Goldsmith, museum curator, thanked the donors, "We greatly appreciate their support. It's good to know that there are people out there who believe in the value of our mission."
            Mayor Alan Gaffner, who serves as the chairman of the Bond County Community Foundation board, complimented the museum's board and volunteers for preserving the history of DeMoulin Bros. & Co., which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Gaffner also congratulated the museum on becoming a popular attraction for out-of-town visitors.
            Goldsmith noted that since opening in March 2010, the DeMoulin Museum has drawn 6,442 visitors. According to Goldsmith, of the museum's 861 visitors last year, at least 75% of them came from outside of Bond County. He said over 20 tour groups visited the museum in 2016.
            According to Goldsmith the growing number of tour groups and the steady acquisition of artifacts have led to a lack of space. "For the last several months, we've been considering a variety of options from renovating our current building to searching for a larger location. Whatever route is decided, today's donation is a springboard towards a fundraising campaign that we hope will assure the museum will remain open to be enjoyed by those of all ages."
            The DeMoulin Museum is a not-for-profit organization under the umbrella of the Bond County Community Foundation. For more information about becoming a DeMoulin Museum donor, call or email - find contact info on the Contact Us page.

First DeMoulin Museum Calendar, featuring four early 1900s photos of the DeMoulin factory.

DeMoulin Calendars Now Available

(Thursday, December 1, 2016) - For the first time in its history, the DeMoulin Museum has released a limited edition calendar featuring four early 1900s photos of the DeMoulin factory. Two of the photos are being published for the first time. The calendar coincides with DeMoulin Bros. & Co.'s 125th anniversary. The calendars are being offered as a free gift to anyone making a minimum $5.00 donation to the DeMoulin Museum, which is a 501(c)3 under the Bond County Community Foundation. To make a donation or for more information about the calendar, call the DeMoulin Museum at (618) 664-4115, email at Contact Page or send a message to the museum's Facebook page. The calendar was created by 3-Point Ink of Greenville.

A portion of the recent donation of items from Carlyle, Illinois's Odd Fellows lodge

DeMoulin Museum Recieves Large IOOF Donation

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(Sunday, November 27, 2016) - The DeMoulin Museum has received an unprecedented donation of vintage Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) regalia---many of the pieces in nearly mint condition. The items were recently found by the children of the late Robert Beckemeyer in a shed on his rural Carlyle property. Mr. Beckemeyer, a grain and dairy farmer, led a life of service including membership in the Southern Illinois Antique Power Club, Wheatfield Fire Protection District, and 60 years in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
            When Carlyle's IOOF Lodge #38 sold its original building in the 1980s, Mr. Beckemeyer saved most of the organization's DeMoulin-made outfits, packing them in wood crates nestled among moth balls, where they stayed until a few weeks ago. Upon discovering the Odd Fellows artifacts, Beckemeyer's children contacted Bob Seiffert, a current member of the chapter. With the blessing of the IOOF Grand Lodge of Illinois, Seiffert offered the collection to the DeMoulin Museum.
            "This is truly one of the most amazing artifact donations ever made to the DeMoulin Museum," commented John Goldsmith, museum curator. "Bob Beckemeyer is the hero of this story. He saw the importance of not only saving these Odd Fellows items but packing them in moth balls preserved them in immaculate condition. Although these robes were made in the 1930s, the colors are still vibrant. They look like they were manufactured yesterday."
            The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was one of dozens of fraternal organizations for whom DeMoulin Bros. & Co. manufactured regalia and initiation devices. As Goldsmith explained, the robes were just part of the collection. "We also received the coordinating hats for many of the 20 costumes, ceremonial collars, and even a pair of leather sandals featuring the DeMoulin stamp."
            The collection is now being catalogued with plans for a special display to be unveiled in early 2017.

Trudy and Roy Ballinger of Rochester, Illinois (DeMoulin Museum visitors 6000 and 6001)

Our 6000th Visitor has Arrived; Another Great Day at the Goat Museum!

(Monday, September 5, 2016) - The DeMoulin Museum is thrilled to announce that Trudy Ballinger of Rochester, Illinois was our 6000th visitor since we opened on March 20, 2010. Trudy and her husband, Roy (our 6001th visitor!), saw the DeMoulin Museum featured on Channel 20 in Springfield and made us part of their trip along the Historic National Road in Illinois. For being our 6000th visitor, Trudy received a museum t-shirt and mug.

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DeMoulin Museum curator, John Goldsmith, demonstrates the trick to the sliding stairs.

Sliding Stairs New Artifact at DeMoulin Museum

(Monday, August 29, 2016) - The DeMoulin Museum, located in downtown Greenville, Illinois, has added another strange lodge initiation item to its arsenal. The Sliding Stairs, manufactured by DeMoulin Bros. & Co. during its fraternal period in the early 1900s, could be the museum's rarest piece. Museum staff believe very few were manufactured due to the size and nature of the device.
            “It's remarkable the factory sold any of them,” observed John Goldsmith, DeMoulin Museum curator. “The blindfolded candidate sat upon the top step of the stairs. A lodge member would trip the mechanism causing the steps to collapse, resulting in the candidate quickly sliding to the bottom. All of our volunteers agree the users of this device must have sustained a few injuries.”
            As was the norm for DeMoulin initiation devices, a blank cartridge was also discharged and a bell would ring.
            The contraption was purchased from an Austin, Texas antique dealer who found it in a store in Indiana, where it was about to be used as a display shelf. Fortunately the Texas dealer identified it as possibly being a DeMoulin device and immediately contacted the museum. “I'm not sure what amazes me more---that the DeMoulin Sliding Stairs exists or the good fortune that brought it to us,” Goldsmith noted.

(Above Right: DeMoulin Museum curator, John Goldsmith, demonstrates the trick to the sliding stairs.)
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DeMoulin Museum volunteer Gina Lewis afixes window cling announcing Shopper Award status.

Thanks For Choosing Us!

(Sunday, July 31, 2016) - We're proud to be your choice as Bond County's Best Summer Fun Place and Best Family Fun Place! (Bond & Fayette County Shopper poll)

(Right: DeMoulin Museum volunteer places a Best in Bond County window cling on the museum's door.)

Gown Worn By Legendary Actress Now On Display

(Monday, July 25, 2016) - In its 124 year history, DeMoulin Bros & Co. has manufactured outfits for famous entertainers like cowboy movie star Tom Mix, lion tamer Mabel Stark, and singer CeeLo Green. The DeMoulin Museum has recently obtained a doctoral gown made for Ruby Dee, one of the most respected actresses and humanitarians in show business history.
            Dee, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 2007's American Gangster, was a Grammy, Emmy, and Obie award winner. She was also a National Medal of Arts, Kennedy Center Honors and Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award recipient. Among her other famous films were The Jackie Robinson Story, A Raisin in the Sun, and Do the Right Thing. In 1969, she was a regular on the TV show Peyton Place. She was married to Ossie Davis, with whom she often worked, until his death in 2005.
            The robe was purchased at Ms. Dee's estate sale by a woman who then sold it to the DeMoulin Museum. Prior to agreeing to the purchase, the museum did extensive homework verifying the gown's authenticity.
            “We've been able to document four occasions when Ruby Dee wore this gown while receiving special honors,” explained John Goldsmith, DeMoulin Museum curator. “The first was in 1982 when she received an honorary degree from Howard University. The others were in 1991 from Spelman College, 2009 from Princeton University and 2011 from Dartmouth. Three photos have been located showing her in the gown.”
            Goldsmith said he believes the gown was manufactured by DeMoulin in 1976. The actress's name was embroidered on the inside. The remaining mystery is why the robe was originally made for her?
            From the 1920s until 1982, the DeMoulin factory had a very successful cap and gown and choir robe division. The Ruby Dee doctoral gown, which will be featured in a permanent display, is a highlight from this era in the company's history.
            “There are no words to explain how excited we are to have this artifact on display. Ruby Dee was a giant in show business but more importantly a legendary figure in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. I'm thrilled that this lady's life intersected with DeMoulin Bros. & Co.”
DeMoulin Museum volunteers Gina Lewis (l) and Esther Henry (r) prepare Ruby Dee's doctoral gown for display.
DeMoulin Museum volunteers Gina Lewis (l) and Esther Henry (r) prepare Ruby Dee's doctoral gown for display.
The DeMoulin manufacturing label inside the gown with Ms. Dee's name embroidered below it.
The DeMoulin manufacturing label inside the gown with Ms. Dee's name embroidered below it.

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Time Clock manufactured circa 1900

Time Clock Loaned to DeMoulin Museum

(Thursday, June 2, 2016) - Thanks to the generosity of an employee of DeMoulin Brothers & Co., the DeMoulin Museum has a piece of company history on display. The factory's original time clock, manufactured around 1900 by the Cincinnati Time Recorder Company, was recently loaned to the museum by Mark Brooke. The company's technical manager since 1992, Brooke was given the time clock around twenty years ago by Bill DeMoulin, retired company president. Brooke said he “worked on and off for a year” restoring the clock's original internal components. After having the time clock as the center piece of the music room in his home, Brooke decided it was time to share it with the DeMoulin Museum's visitors.
            “The stories this artifact could tell,” commented John Goldsmith, DeMoulin Museum curator.“Our best guess is this time clock was used through the early 1950s, which means some of the great characters from DeMoulin history used it.”
            One of the time clock's unique features is a series of cigarette burns on its ledge. Brooke suspects employees placed their lit cigarettes on the ledge while clocking in.
            Because the clock still works, the hope is to recreate DeMoulin time cards for visitors to clock in and out with and keep as souvenirs.

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Phenomenal volunteers!

Cookout Makes History, Proceeds to Fund Building Renovations

(Saturday, April 16, 2016) - The DeMoulin Museum held a successful cookout fundraiser on Friday, April 15. Thanks to the hard work of Chef Wes Pourchot and his team plus our phenomenal volunteers, the DeMoulin Museum raised $1,850.25. Our deepest gratitude to everyone who stopped by and bought a pork burger, bratwurst, or butterfly chop.

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DeMoulin Museum Receives Unique Masonic Donation

(Sunday, February 21, 2016) - Greenville Masonic Lodge 245 AF & AM has donated a set of vintage aprons made by DeMoulin Bros. & Co. The aprons were found last fall in storage at the lodge's former home on the Greenville square. Preparing for the move to their new location on College Avenue, members of the lodge suggested donating the aprons to the DeMoulin Museum. DeMoulin Bros. & Co. made a variety of things for Masonic lodges including aprons, furniture, and regalia. The aprons will be featured in a special display this spring.
Trying on a piece of their past during the brief presentation ceremony Sunday, February 21. Bob Kirkman, Merle Scott, and Kenneth Henry of the Greenville Masonic Lodge, book-ended by John Goldsmith and Gina Lewis of the DeMoulin Museum.
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Ultimate Redbirds Fan Night proceeds to benefit DeMoulin Museum.

Baseball Program To Benefit DeMoulin Museum

(Tuesday, March 29, 2016) - A special program entitled “The Ultimate Redbirds Fan Night” will be held Thursday, April 7 at 7:00 p.m. with proceeds to benefit the DeMoulin Museum. The program is being hosted by museum curator John Goldsmith at his home and will include a tour of his extensive St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Browns collection, the showing of the 1982 World Series highlights film, and refreshments. Tickets are $20 each and a limited number will be sold. The deadline to purchase tickets is 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 6. Tickets may be reserved by calling the DeMoulin Museum at 664-4115 or emailing Click Here to read the full Press Release.


(Monday, December 21, 2015) - The DeMoulin Museum saw 1,294 visitors pass through its doors in 2015, surpassing the previous high set in its inaugural year of 2010. John Goldsmith, museum curator, said Greenville's Bicentennial weekend, bus tours, school tours, and national publicity on two travel websites were factors in setting the record.
            Since opening March 20, 2010 the DeMoulin Museum has welcomed 5,564 visitors from around 40 states. "For a museum that's only open on weekends or by appointment, we're thrilled with the response we've had over our first five years," Goldsmith commented.
            The museum will be closed for the holidays and reopen Saturday, January 9, 2016. Anyone wishing to schedule a tour over the holidays may call (618) 322-2936.

Ed the Elf rides the Goat!


(Monday, December 21, 2015) - The DeMoulin Museum congratulates the winners in our annual Cardinals Autograph Raffle (Drawn Dec 18, 2015):
1st place Jeff Alexander (Willie McGee photo)
2nd place Steve Ainscough (Vince Coleman baseball)
3rd place Jace Keaster (Kolten Wong baseball card)

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets in the raffle in support of the DeMoulin Museum!

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DeMoulin Museum in Greenville, Illinois is Roadside America’s Sight Of The Week for Sept. 14-20, 2015
Click to read all about our “Museum of Initiation Pranks”

(Tuesday, September 8, 2015) - Greenville’s 200th Birthday Bash delivered a fun-packed Labor Day weekend of milestones, special visitors, and presentations for the DeMoulin Museum. And the greatest highlight involved anticipated guests from Champaign-Urbana. The University of Illinois Marching Illini under the direction of Barry Houser were in Greenville Sunday, September 6, 2015, for the Bicentennial celebration. After participating in the parade the band performed a brief concert then presented a DeMoulin-made uniform to the DeMoulin Museum. It was another magical moment in the history of the museum and a great day for the DeMoulin Museum, DeMoulin Bros. & Co. factory, and U of I alums.
Marching Illini director Barry Houser (far right) donating an Illini band uniform made by DeMoulin Bros. & Co. A great day for the DeMoulin Museum (represented by curator John Goldsmith - center) and the DeMoulin Bros. factory (represented by Mike Coling, Jr. - far right) Wink-a-dink the DeMoulin Museum goat is also an Illini fan!

For more coverage of our exciting weekend, please visit us at our Facebook Page.
And click here to read the original Press Release.

(Wednesday, April 29, 2015)

(Sunday, December 21, 2014) - Congratulations to Janice Romack of Greenville, the winner of the Autographed Cardinal World Series Ticket raffle! The DeMoulin Museum thanks everyone who purchased tickets. All funds raised benefit the museum renovation project.
Cards Ticket Raffle Winner
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(Monday, November 17, 2014) - The DeMoulin Museum, 110 W. Main Street, will offer a fun evening for kids on Saturday, November 29 during the downtown "Come Home For Christmas". The museum will be open from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. for tours. At 6:00 p.m., girls ages 10 and under can enter an Elsa look-a-like contest. Elsa is one of the central characters in Disney’s animated film Frozen. There is no cost to enter the contest. Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries selected by the judges. Kids can also meet and have their picture taken with another Disney legend, Woody from Toy Story, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.


(Monday, November 3, 2014) - The DeMoulin Museum is raffling a 1982 World Series replica ticket autographed by Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Keith Hernandez, and Tom Herr. The ticket is 3.75 inches wide by 14 inches tall. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. The winner will be randomly drawn on December 17. All proceeds will benefit renovations to the DeMoulin Museum. To purchase raffle tickets, contact the DeMoulin Museum at (618) 664-4115.
Cards Ticket For Raffle Cards Ticket For Raffle
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(Tuesday, April 15, 2014) - Mike Zohn, one of the stars of Science Channel's "Oddities" and co-owner of Obscura Antiques and Oddities in New York, visited Greenville, Illinois and the DeMoulin Museum on Saturday, March 29, 2014. Zohn toured the DeMoulin Bros. Factory, signed autographs and presented a program about his store and TV show.
Signing Autographs Touring DeMoulin Factory
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